Box Garden Ideas

Step one is to cut the support boards.  These boards will be used as the frame of the garden box.  I cut each support board 18′” so it would be longer than the box is tall.  This allows 4 or 5 inches of the board to extend below the garden box to help hold it […]

Wooden Spiral Staircase

Solid Wood Spiral Stairs Handcrafted Beauty The Benefits of a Solid Wood Spiral Stair Our Solid Wood spiral stair gives you the classic beauty of an all wood stair without the appearance of a pre-packaged kit. Our wood stairs are available in a variety of wood species, including oak, maple, hickory, American cherry, Brazilian cherry, […]

Buy Garage Door

Garage Door Buying Info A garage door is a large and important investment. The doors can account for one-third or more of the front exterior look of your home. The style of the proposed doors needs careful consideration. In addition, think about such things as insulation and the uses of your garage. Read on for […]

Finished Basement Ideas

45 AMAZING LUXURY FINISHED BASEMENT IDEAS Getting Your Basement Project Underway So you have decided to turn your musty junk-filled basement into a warm liveable space. Or maybe you are already using the basement but want to style it up a notch. Basement design ideas are limitless. Whether you want a cool chic look or a more […]

Wire Storage Bins

Decorative Baskets + BinsEvery home benefits from good organizational aids to improve the functionality of the space and reduce clutter. Decorative baskets and bins from west elm are a simple solution for all your storage needs, providing a convenient spot for everything from laundry to magazines. With just a few fabric baskets in the laundry […]

Wood Exterior Shutters

Custom Exterior Wood Shutters for Your Home Choose a category below to see styles, pricing and information! PlacerCraft Wood Shutters Premium Cedar Wood Shutters Authentic Exterior Custom Decorative or Functional Outdoor Wood Shutters For Your Home! For durable exterior wood shutters that are appealing to the eye and fit well with many different types of […]

Extra Long Curtains

Shower Curtains Add a Splash of Color and Function Whe moving in to a new place, it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve already got and things you need to get. We’re like that too–but one thing we never forget to buy are shower curtains! Beyond protecting your bathroom from a deluge of errant […]

Botanical Gardens Sarasota

Lush, tropical and awe-inspiring, Sarasota’s botanical and succulent gardens have been drawing spectators for decades.  The Sarasota Botanical Gardens The Sarasota Botanical Gardens (a passion project of the Sarasota Garden Club) comprises more than an acre of land and 14 individual gardens. Visitors are encouraged to follow a connecting path through the property during self-guided […]

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The fact that bedrooms are personal spaces often shared with another person makes decorating tricky. One crucial tip to keep in mind as you consider bedroom ideas is to forego popular trends or styles in favor of what makes you happy. If there aren’t any significant bedroom remodeling changes, determining your furniture layout is the […]

Walmart Office Chair

About this itemThe Serta Big and Tall Office Chair brings comfort and durability to virtually any office space. Built with heavy-duty components, this item provides generous support for users up to 350 pounds. Individual coils in the seat displace weight and are designed to maximize your all-day comfort. The Serta office chair has a sleek […]